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Press Release November 10, 2015 9:00 AM EST

JT Environmental Consulting Inc., a leading consulting firm focused on assisting clients throughout the world within the Quality, Safety, Security and Environmental fields, has become a member of the International Green Energy Council (IGEC) to provide a platform for promoting sustainable design practices, renewable energy sources, forms of energy production, and advanced thinking in environmental stewardship, and to build its network with like-minded organizations.

JT Environmental Consulting has been assisting many different and diverse organizations for over a decade in obtaining and maintaining compliance to their certifications. JT Environmental performs internal, compliance and downstream audits, energy audits, green envelope and green materials consultations, food safety assistance through food defense and food quality, security design and security auditing, quality improvements, zero waste and recycling initiatives, OSHA and EPA mitigation assistance as well as ergonomic evaluations and numerous other remarkable and detailed services. As such, it is a natural fit to join forces with IGEC to promote sustainable design practices and to incorporate these into its projects.

"At JT Environmental, we always ensure that our clients are satisfied and we sleep very well at night knowing that almost every client that we assist is improving their practices and thus the environment when we complete our tasks. Even one minor thought mentioned can be a powerful seed to grow a green idea for any organization. And we plant those seeds whenever and wherever we can, even if the client doesn't realize it," says Jason Teliszczak, CEO and Founder of JT Environmental Consulting.

"We cannot stress enough how much we care about the environment. Our name represents that, and that is the field that we were lucky enough to expand from. We have grown over the years, and with continually increasing our services based on technology and our client's needs, we now continue to gain new clients based on our dedication and capacity to assist any organization," Teliszczak adds.

"JT Environmental's membership to the International Green Energy Council allows our organization to respond to Request for Proposals of large infrastructure and development projects in all countries that we have chartered chapters and beyond." said Ralph Avallone, Secretary General of the International Green Energy Council.

"We will strive to work with JT Environmental on large scale energy efficiency retrofits, sustainable development projects and infrastructure projects around the World" continued Avallone.

About JT Environmental:

JT Environmental Consulting is a dynamic consulting firm with support services of certified and qualified consultants. JT Environmental's portfolio includes non-for-profits all the way up to Fortune 500 companies. JT Environmental began in Chicago, IL and moved its headquarters to Orlando, FL in 2014 and has consultants throughout the US, South America, Asia, Australia, and soon the UK. To read more as well as see other JT Env. press releases, please visit www.jtenv.com

About The International Green Energy Council:

The IGEC is an international advocacy association comprised of individuals and companies that promote sustainable and renewable energy production, sustainable design practices, and education for being better stewards of the environment. The Council works internationally to facilitate green business opportunities. The IGEC is comprised of renewable energy companies, developers, lending institutions, manufacturers, investors, engineers and many others involved throughout the green community.